Here at Stanthorpe Vet Care we like to see all animals great and small, dirty or clean, however, and we think you would agree, clean would be better. Therefore we provide a grooming service for your dogs and cats to get them looking and smelling beautiful.

The clinic has a hydrobath, so you can book your dog in to have a hydrobath any time during the week, just call the clinic to make an appointment so we know when to expect you.

As we are a veterinary clinic we also offer sedated clips for your dogs and cats. The process for this requires your pet to be fasted the night before and brought into the clinic in the morning and usually requires a day stay so that we can keep a close eye on them while they recover from the sedation. We generally offer this service on Mondays and Fridays and keep numbers of clips limited each day so your pet is not sedated too late and can therefore go home the same day. During a sedated clip we will also look in the pets ears and clip there nails as it is convenient during this time. To book an appointment please phone the clinic on 074681 1523.