Dog and Cat wards

We understand that coming to stay with us is not a “usual” part of your animal’s stay and can be stressful to them. When your pet comes to stay at our hospital, whether they are sick, boarding or here for a procedure or day stay, they will be placed in a separate ward depending on their species. The main benefit of doing this is to place as little stress as possible on your pet while they are with us (we don’t want barking dogs stressing your cat, or “scary” cats making your dog tremble!). The hospital wards are separated by our treatment room, reducing the stress that your pet may feel while away from you.

Our cat ward is currently fitted out with two condos and two large cages which can be subdivided into four smaller cages if need be. Our dog ward currently has a range of cages for the small to medium pooch along with three runs for our big dogs. All our cages are set out so that no pets are facing each other; this is another action we take to reduce stress on your pet.