APRIL – BUNDY, The Amputee

How would you feel if you were thousands of miles away and there was an accident at home with your beloved dog?
Well, this is exactly what happened with Bundy.  His owners were on a trip overseas when he managed to get in a dog fight that nearly tore off his toe.



Above: Bundy’s Injured toe prior to surgery and his foot post toe amputation.



Secured in his own pen, Bundy was found in a very painful state with multiple injuries. He did not want to move at all!! His carer called us immediately to organise an examination.

First, we had to collect Bundy and bring him to the clinic so we could assess his many injuries. Then we began to treat him for pain, infection and dehydration.

It was only after stabilising him that we could properly assess what was going on as Bundy would not walk on either hind leg. After a thorough examination and x-rays, Bundy’s diagnoses included a toe that needed amputation, with the remaining wound requiring prolonged care because it could not be closed at all due to the missing tissue. He also nearly lost his main foot pad.
He had multiple dog bite wounds which also caused a fracture to his leg (tibia) and another fracture in his joint.


So, what happened?

Fortunately we were able to contact his owners as they had a very good communication plan in place between them and the carer of their animals. So we were able to quickly find out that we could proceed with treatment and fix all Bundy’s problems.

Bundy stayed with us for nearly a week and we got to know what a kind and friendly dog he really is.
He is a very brave dog and he still comes in for his bandage changes.


Bundy – This face makes having 3 toes look amazing!


Our big learns were:

1. Even with the best plans and facilities in place, things can sometimes (unfortunately) go wrong.

2. Have a great plan in  place should something go wrong.