APRIL – ROCKY, This fella is made of Steel!

Stanthorpes – Rocky Balboa!

Focused on regaining his strength

Mr Rocky Baloba himself, training on his family farm to regain his strength.

Rocky was one of the cute chocolate Labrador pups Kirstin bred that you followed on Facebook!!

Rocky was still a pup when he came out of nowhere and was accidentally run over. He had been over 200m away less than a minute previously…..Man, they can move!

He was immediately brought in for veterinary care and was putting on a very brave face.  Dr Kirstin performed a thorough physical examination, she advised his owners that we needed to take radiographs of his front leg to confirm radius / ulna fracture. Once Dr Kirstin examined the radiographs, the fracture was visible.

Rocky’s battling Fracture Repair♥

The forearm is structured by the radius and ulna. Due to the conformation of the forearm, usually both bones will fracture at the same time. This procedure involved having a plate screwed to the fracture to stabilise it. He underwent surgery to apply a plate and screws to his fracture.  However, one of the fractures was very close to his growth plate which is where the bones grow from.  If they are damaged, the bone can stop growing.  This would usually not be a problem however, when there are 2 bones together and one stops growing but the other does not, the leg will start to curve.

Luckily, he has fabulous owners who cared for him exactly like they needed to and he was kept very quiet. This meant his fractures healed very well.  Unfortunately, his growth plate was damaged. The ulna stopped growing and he then started to bow his front leg which unfortunately caused his elbow to become uneven also. To try and prevent further issues, Rocky underwent another procedure – an osteotomy – to cut the ulna (to allow the ends to separate and the bone to lengthen) and try to stop the bowing.  This worked for a time however, it healed too well and again his leg started to bow.

As the owners were away, Rocky was unable to have surgery immediately.  Fortunately for Rocky, this ended up being okay as his leg appears to now be much better – more straight and functional for him. Rocky won’t let his injury get in the way of his happiness, he enjoys his active lifestyle on the family farm!!