JULY – MISTY, Putting her best feet forward!

Misty presented to us as an emergency in early July after falling out of the back of the ute. We could immediately see that she had sustained injuries that required urgent attention, including a severe laceration to her right foreleg. She was calm and stable as the team started to work on her. As the minutes passed, we became quite concerned about her breathing. Her lung sounds weren’t normal.

With a hefty dose of pain relief on board we took her into radiology for chest radiographs. Her x-rays showed that she had a pneumothorax (air in the chest cavity) on both sides of her chest,as well as some bruising on her lungs. Fortunately, these injuries weren’t major, so Misty was placed under a general anaesthetic to tend to her other injuries.

She had a major stitch-up of her right leg, her right eyelid surgically repaired, and her fractured upper right carnassial tooth removed – all as a result of the impact in her accident. She had no further complications with her chest injuries. But her battle was definitely not over.


The days following the initial procedures uncovered a more serious problem for Misty.

It became apparent that there was deeper damage done to the nerves and blood vessels in her right leg. This damage could not be seen when repairing the superficial wounds. Misty’s leg wounds were not healing, and the previously healthy tissue of her leg began to devitalise. She also had limited neurological function and we knew that something must have gone seriously wrong deep within her leg. At this point, the prognosis for Misty’s leg was very poor. The difficult decision to amputate her leg was made and Misty was prepped for another surgery.

The Amputation Surgery uncovered a major problem:

During her surgery, the cause for her leg’s lack of blood supply was found – deep, deep within her foreleg, up in behind her elbow, there was a very, very large blood clot. A major vessel that ruptured in her accident. Misty underwent a huge surgery to remove her leg and stayed with us in hospital for the following days on intravenous pain relief and a daily regime of other medications.

Misty looking pretty in her Cone Of Shame

How is Misty now!?

Misty was an absolute model patient all the way through all her treatment here with us. She is exceptionally brave and trusting, and a really tough girl! She impressed us with her willpower and tolerance every single day. Misty has adapted so well to her new 3-legged configuration, and she was so determined to get going, pulling on the lead for her walks less than 24 hours after surgery! Misty has been back to full activity at home for a few weeks now and ‘hasn’t slowed down at all’ according to her owners! We are so thrilled that she is happy and loving life.

Misty – Day after operation

Misty at her Re-Visit. We couldn’t keep her still for a photo!