OCTOBER – SPARKLES, Our Little Rock-Star!

OCTOBER, SPARKLES – Our Little Rock-Star!

It was a sunny October day here in Stanthorpe, with warmer weather looming and a feeling of Spring in the air. Sparkles, however, had lost the spring in her step. She presented to us after spending most of the night before constantly vomiting. Obviously, this had her family very worried. They knew they had to get her into the clinic quickly, as she was continuing to vomit throughout that day. She didn’t even want to touch her food.

Sparkles is a regular at the clinic as our groomer, Tiana, is her go-to hairdresser, and we know her very well. When Sparkles was seen that afternoon, it was very obvious that she wasn’t herself. With her history over the last 12 hours, we were suspicious that Sparkles likely had either a gastrointestinal obstruction or pancreatitis, or possibly even gastroenteritis.

What did we need to do?

Without doing diagnostic tests we could not definitively tell what was making this little girl so unwell. The first diagnostic test we needed to perform were Abdominal Radiographs, and they revealed something very interesting!

Luckily for Sparkles, we could see straight away what the problem was – she had an intestinal foreign body. Whatever this object was, it was much too large to pass through her small intestine, causing the obstruction. Because food could not pass through her intestines, her body’s reaction was to keep vomiting, to try and dislodge the object. However, this foreign body was not budging! By the appearance of the foreign body on radiographs, we suspected she had ingested either a dense chunk of bone, or a rock.

Sparkles required surgery to remove the foreign body in her intestine. During surgery, we would make sure everything else in her abdomen was looking healthy. She underwent surgery that afternoon, and a rather large rock was removed from her jejunum (small intestine)!


The Intestinal Foreign Body we removed from Sparkles’ small intestine!
Looks Delicious! Sparkles is in the background, recovering from her surgery.

How did Sparkles go!?

She made a speedy and smooth recovery from her illness and surgery. This was largely due to the quick thinking of her owner in getting her the medical attention she needed sooner rather than later! She was also a model patient! That made her treatment all the more easy for all the staff here who thoroughly enjoyed caring for her.

This spritely little girl is well and truly back to her normal self and enjoying life as usual. No one is sure why she ate her rock – if only she could tell us!!

Sparkles in her usual sprightly form!


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