House calls & Property visits

At Stanthorpe Vet Care we understand that it is not always possible to bring your pet into the clinic, be it due to the size of your pet, lack of transport facilities or simply your pet is more manageable at home. For whatever reason, we offer a house call/property visit service for your convenience.

We can organise a house call/property visit by one of the vets anytime during the opening hours of the week, we simply need to schedule an appointment so we have adequate time for the vet to get to you.

Majority of consults can be done at your home, however, pathology and other tests need to be performed back at the clinic so there may be a delay in receiving results and beginning treatment. Other services that we provide are strictly in clinic only, e.g. surgery, therefore please explain the reason for the required house call/ property visit at the time of booking the appointment.