Zoe Moore RVN
Certificate IV, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary Nurse
Registered Veterinary Nurse


Personal passions/ hobbies:

I have a huge passion for teaching! I really enjoy training staff as well as continuing my own education with them. I’m really passionate about implementing the highest standards of care and keeping up to date with the ever-changing veterinary industry to make sure the patients we see here receive the best care possible.
My love of teaching also extends to our clients – sometimes to their dismay because I’m told my passion often comes across as lecturing – but I can assure you it’s only because I genuinely care!

I’m genuinely not sure what my hobbies are – I have always been a worker!
I am a foodie. When I have time I love to cook. I love my family and my friends so any time with them is great too!


Favourite aspect of working in the veterinary industry:

I have a passion for Emergency and Critical Care because I enjoy the fast paced, technical side of it and I’ve never been afraid to get my hands dirty.
My first 6 years as a nurse was in ECC and Specialist clinics and I do miss the cases and pace, but being at Stanthorpe Vet Care has opened my eyes to just how much knowledge there is to soak up in general!

I love working at this clinic because since starting here in 2013, I have been able to continuously develop my knowledge and skills to be able to HELP animals, in whatever situation that may be. It’s made me a better nurse.

Animals are innocent, what happens to them is usually not caused by them making bad decisions and that inspires a great deal of compassion. They rely on us… So I guess my favourite aspect of working in this industry is THAT motivation, to be the best help to them that I could possibly be.


3 cats! All strays that have come in here and I have taken them home to find them somewhere else to go……… They just fit in so well!
Maybe a dog…



Completed Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with the A.I.R.C

Completed and maintaining Registration with the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia

Investigating completing a Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care.


Dreams/ goals:
To never stop learning, both in this industry and in life!
To see and do everything my partner and I want to see and do!



Tracy Binge VN
Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Personal passions/hobbies:
Breeding Australian bulldogs to better their health.

Favourite aspect of working in the veterinary industry:
Meeting such lovely clients and their adorable pets, being able to help them with their care and any needs that their pets may have.

8 Australian Bulldogs – Mojo, Abby, Betty, Ayda, Elvis, Lulu, Peppa & Clarence


Completed Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Investigating Canine Behavioural studies.



To breed a solid blue Australian Bulldog, start travelling more.
Spending more time with our gorgeous granddaughters and all of our family.



Cecilia Campbell BSc BVT
Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Veterinary Technician
Future Vet!

Bachelor of Science – Zoology Major
Bachelor of Veterinary Technology
Currently studying Veterinary Science at JCU Townsville.


Personal passions/hobbies:
I love to spend time with my family and friends (and pets of course!). I enjoy playing the piano and guitar, DIY and attempting whip cracking!


Favourite aspect of working in the veterinary industry:
I honestly can’t pick a favourite part of working in this industry – I love it all! I am interested in the medicine and surgery side of things. I highly enjoy interacting with our clients and their pets and I love that every day holds something different for me to learn about.


My current pets are Bob the crazy kelpie, Luna (Tic) the cat and Sox, our beautiful old horse.



  • I completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology at James Cook University in Townsville in 2014.
  • I have just completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology at the University of Queensland in Gatton in 2017.
  • I am now studying Veterinary Science in Townsville at James Cook University!


I am fortunate enough to have known from a young age what I wanted to do with myself and that has always been to become a vet. My main huge goal is to become a vet and then hopefully either return to Stanthorpe or live in a similar rural area to practice.



Kahlia Williamson SVN
Registered Student Veterinary Nurse

Certificate II in Animal Studies

Currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with A.I.R.C

Registered Student Veterinary Nurse with the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia


Personal passions/hobbies:
My main hobby is showing cattle.


Favourite aspect of working in the veterinary industry:
I love being around animals. I’m enjoying learning how to do everything and everyday is different.


I have 2 dogs. My family has many working dogs and a lot to do with cattle.


I have recently completed my certificate II in Animal Studies while I was in year 12 and I am currently completing my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.


Dreams/ goals:
I have just enrolled in the Certificate IV with A.I.R.C and am really excited to finish that!


Anything Else:
I’m pretty awesome, but not as awesome as Zoe!



Tiana Harland VN Cert IV
Certified Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary Nurse

I was a full time nurse at Stanthorpe Vet Care a few years ago and left on maternity leave to have 2 baby boys but I’m now back here twice a week for grooming and nursing.


Personal passions/ hobbies:
I enjoy 4 wheel-driving and camping in remote places and try to get away every now and then with the kids.


Favourite aspect of working in the veterinary industry:
Handling animals and continually learning about animal health.


We have several dogs, horses, chooks and a bird.


I have studied nursing and veterinary nursing and am qualified in both.


To win lotto and retire early on a cattle station.





Sophie-Lee Butler RVN
Certificate IV, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Certificate III in Animal Studies

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing


Personal Passions / Hobbies
My personal passions are Animals, Music and Sport. Having a balance of the 3 keep my soul ignited. Animals have always been in my life, I grew up on a small hobby farm with dogs, cattle and chickens. Had my own pet heifer calf Penelope until dad ‘accidently’ took her to the sale. ☹ She’s now loved by someone else but I got the cheque though 😉 Music has been in my blood since I was 7 years old, my grandparents Barney and Clare introduced me to music we listened to a lot of Johnny Cash and I can’t thank them enough, I enjoy singing, playing guitar and piano. Being active is so important and I can’t encourage it enough, through school I played netball, touch and my favourite track and field. I invested in a treadmill and I love it.


Favourite aspect of working in the veterinary industry:
My favourite aspect of working here at Stanthorpe Vet care is assisting with surgeries and x-rays, working with intelligent woman I’m learning something new every day. I love a challenge, you never know what will come through the door. Being new to the area, I can’t wait to meet more clients and their pets!


I recently lost my baby girl Ruby to a brown snake. She was a beautiful brown and tan kelpie and she is very missed!


I hope to further my studies and qualify with a Cert IV.


Dreams / Goals:
My dream is to sing and dance on stage and to wear the prettiest costumes. I have many goals I want to accomplish, but for me; my goal right now is to grow as Vet Nurse and to provide the best care towards any animal, also to be independent and to have self-growth for myself as an individual and to be a role model for others, those moments where I look back and see how far I’ve come is really satisfying. My other goal is to buy myself a home here in Stanthorpe as I’ve fallen in love with this town.


Anything else?
Every day I come to work and I feel proud and honoured to be working here at Stanthorpe Vet Care, to be in a positive environment with so much passion and drive is very fulfilling. I can’t thank Kirstin and the girls enough to be working here.


Charlotte Widderick
Junior Veterinary Nurse


What are you interested in OUTSIDE of work?
“Netball, Camp-drafting and Going to school!”


Do you have any pets?
“I have two horses, Adalena and Chicks Rule. I have many others that belong to the family though!”


What do you like about Stanthorpe Vet Care?
“Friendly environment. Helping the girls on Saturdays, hoping to make their day a little less stressful – I really enjoy helping them out! I really like the work I do and I enjoy learning new things from working here!”


What made you want to work here?
“The love for animals and the interesting work that comes in! The girls are really nice and accepting and are helping me to better my confidence.”


What are your goals for the future?
“When I finish school I would like to attend university and study towards a career in either human or veterinary orthopaedics. I still have some options to choose from that I am interested in, so not 100% sure yet!”


What are you most interested in so far in this industry?
“The different aspects of what being a vet requires. I am really interested in the orthopaedic side and I have also considered specialising in equines.


What are you most interest in so far in this clinic?
“The different types of cases that come in, I love watching the girls and how deal with patients. I love vet work in general, it interests me a lot!”


During your time at Stanthorpe Vet Care, what are you hoping to achieve?
“I hope to gain more confidence / people skills, the girls are very helpful and are helping me improve in different areas. I also hope to expand my knowledge in the veterinary field as I really enjoy it and am interested by it!”